Creating a Book from Scratch

Do you have a story to tell but have no idea how to write a book or where to start?

In my combined 35 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I’ve found that no matter what the endeavor, there are 10 basic steps to create something from nothing—and create it in a way that provides value. Writing and publishing a book is no different. In fact, I recently authored and published my first book using these 10 steps!

With this guide and corresponding template, I’ll help you create a structure for your book and walk you through the steps to write and self-publish it.

With this package, you’ll learn:
  • By committing to writing a book, you’re farther along in the process than you think.
  • How to use the 10 basic steps to create something from nothing (which applies to all projects, not just books).
  • How to repurpose content like articles and blog posts you’ve already written.
  • How to effectively use video content without a time consuming or expensive transcription service.
  • The moving parts and timing of coordinated efforts like the book cover, social media graphics, and marketing materials.
  • Hundreds of grammar tips and commonly misspelled words to help with your initial edit.
  • The reason why a good editor is imperative for a quality product—and how this commitment significantly changed and improved my book.
  • The value of soliciting feedback from others.
  • Why this feedback can help you with the challenges of imposter syndrome.
  • The role of quality control in self-publishing and the imperative steps to consider.
  • Basic steps to upload your masterpiece on Amazon.
  • A full-blown book launch plan from a collaborative partner that includes instructions on how to become an Amazon best seller.
  • The investments required to write and publish a book.
  • What not to do—learn from my self-publishing mistakes and avoid a few hassles.
  • Ways to celebrate your accomplishment!!!
  • How to monitor your book and marketing plan to ensure it’s making the impact you desire.
  • The importance of a long-term strategy and incremental improvements over time.
  • 14 ancillary activities and investments to upgrade your book to a full-blown MOVEMENT.
  • Connections for services to bring your movement’s message to life.
Here’s what users of the process had to say:
I absolutely love this guide and template! I have had a book idea for years, as well as writers block for years. I was so shocked that I was able to just sit down and start filling in spaces and how easy it became for my ideas to start to flow. I’m not sure why it works that way, but I am glad it sparked my desire to actually begin. That to me is what everyone needs! I highly recommend it!

Jay Hemmingsen

I appreciate the clarity of thought and the encouragement Melissa offers in a process that seems beyond the average person’s realm of possibility. She makes the impossible, possible.

Paula Stafford

Beautifully written, simple to use, and super helpful!

Debi Nass

Very detailed, well thought out and gives you a full picture of all considerations. I feel like it prepares you to know what you’re getting yourself into so you can plan accordingly, and I loved that you disclosed some of the mistakes you made so I don’t!

Kimberly Rose

It’s incredibly accessible. Makes me think I might write my own book someday. (Also made me think the marketing component will be challenging.)

Creating structure and boundaries is vital; Without structure the project started to feel overwhelming and new ideas kept popping up. Very good advice. Also the template is a dream come true!

Lisa Alexander

Found it to be pragmatic, authentic. I learned a lot too actually, especially when you dispel certain myths and assumptions about the process. Easy to follow. The tips are super practical which I love. And I like how you connect it to your personal experience. I think you used the words “honest and relatable” and I find both to be accurate.

Emad Georgy

It’s a very professional process while also making it a personal experience for each individual. Melissa”s willingness to share her own experiences, and resources is endearing. Her writing is concise, detailed where it matters, while still having a flow to it that makes it readable. The process of from page to book is an enormous undertaking, yet Melissa breaks it down nicely into doable steps. “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time.” She shows you how to go from scratch to published.

Her cost break downs are very useful, and and her willingness to clarify the questions I fielded her quite promptly makes me feel comfortable in asking her for more guidance. I feel it needs several readings to absorb so much information, and I do feel a bit daunted by even attempting to publish, but it offers a realistic look at the process for a newbie.

Julie Shutz

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