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Instead of questioning what can and can't be done, like-minded people are busy finding solutions and pushing you to go further than you thought possible.

Melissa Drake
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Melissa is a master collaborator who can bring a diverse team and related partners together to achieve a common goal. She’s skilled and at bridging the gaps between present circumstances and a future desired state. Her most effective tools are investigation, communication, organization, and documentation. In combination, these tools create a purposeful path that’s executed, monitored, and refined for the greatest impact. She’s managed multi-million-dollar accounts from a place of disorganization and chaos to ones with effective platforms, procedures, and self-sustaining processes.

Melissa’s unparalleled ability to co-create with a client makes her unique. She’s undeniably positive and certain that breakthroughs are born from challenges. A CEO client reflected Melissa’s outlook with this statement, “I love talking with Melissa. Although there are problems, we only talk about solutions.”

A seasoned and authentic professional, Melissa is armed with the knowledge, resources, experience, solutions, passion, and inspiration to not only help others dream big, but help make their dreams come true.

Uncorped Services
Uncorped Content
Want to share a message or movement?

As a skilled writer and intuitive editor, Melissa creates, organizes, and manages content.

Content examples include websites, marketing materials, social media posts, policies and procedures, reference documentation, courses, presentations, RPFs, books, articles, newsletters, and public relations.

"Melissa created fantastic educational content for our organization that will serve as the bedrock of our automated course offerings. We love her and are so grateful to have collided with such a pro!"

Uncorped Presentations
Have a group you want to inspire or educate?

An author and TEDx speaker, Melissa has stories and experiences to share and connect with your audience. See the speaking page for details.

"Connection is where Melissa particularly shines – her ability to connect, to express empathy and encourage empowerment – she has a rare ability to seamlessly and quickly propel people beyond their current situations and beliefs."

Melissa can also collaborate with you to develop custom presentations and training programs for your coaching and corporate audiences.

Uncorped Consulting
Need help managing and growing your business?

Melissa's experience in marketing, business analysis, and implementation strategies can help you identify and execute opportunities to expand. Operating as a remote COO, she can motivate and manage a diverse team toward a common goal. If you need a team, Melissa's Collaborative AF network is comprised of effective resources.

"Melissa is insightful, generous, and deeply concerned with making sure our company receives the support we truly need. It was very important for us to have a manageable approach to online marketing, and Melissa certainly delivered."

Collaborative AF Books
Ready to write and publish a book?

Melissa combined her professional experience moving ideas to implementation with her know-how as a published author and created a 10-step process to create and publish a book from scratch. The process is both an educational tool and a user-friendly template to help move your book from a dream to demand.

While the 10-step guide offers DIY instructions, full-service development options are available as well. Melissa and her publishing team can help you with all stages of creating and publishing your dream book, including story development, ghostwriting, intuitive editing, Amazon self-publishing options, promotions, and public relations.

Questions, Challenges, and Solutions

Instead of questioning what can and can’t be done, like-minded people are busy finding solutions and pushing you to go further than you thought possible.

Melissa is known to challenge the status quo and encourage out-of-the-box solutions. When confronted with the idea that something can’t be done, Melissa’s response is often “Why the f*ck not?” Of course, it’s said respectfully and in jest, but the challenge remains.

When surrounded with people who are inspired, motivated, and tapped into the limitless potential of this planet (and beyond), the jarring question “why the f*ck not?” isn’t only rhetorical, it’s unnecessary. Instead, the question represents an invitation to think different, dig deeper, and create new possibilities.

Brainstorming new solutions is most effective in collaboration with others. Melissa values collaboration and the creation of new and fruitful relationships. To make this work effectively, she stands for authenticity, integrity, and judgment-free interactions.

In Melissa’s mind, there are no problems, only solutions. She believes nothing should be held back and everyone should GO BIG for what they believe in.

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