The Orgasmic Entrepreneur: Discover the Sweet Spot of Love, Sex, and Business by Simply Being YOU

Are you ready to take a provocative look at the correlation between business, intimacy, and being your authentic self?

While the cover is orgasmic, the content is less about having orgasms and more about measuring things that create personal and collective bliss—including relationships that hit on all levels and business endeavors that stimulate personal alignment and generational wealth.

The premise is to stay you, stay true, and be the “youest” you you’ve ever been, whether you’re doing business, relating with friends, meeting someone for the first time, or enjoying a date with your love.

When you read The Orgasmic Entrepreneur, you will discover:

  • Ways to attract soulmate clients and connect deeply with others
  • Why understanding data as a love language will propel you to achieve your biggest goals
  • How to recover and stay the course when it’s not full of sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns
  • The manifesting power of the sweet spot of love, sex, and business by simply being you

Filled with powerful examples and descriptive stories that correlate business and intimacy, this book includes commentary and additional perspectives by featured authors who are experts in their field.

When you apply the bold strategies Melissa Drake and her collaborators share, you’re free to stand in your power, passionately pursue your purpose, and courageously accept responsibility for every result.

Because music is integral to an orgasmic life, the book also includes several curated playlists and hundreds of songs from nearly every genre to soundtrack your journey.


“A must-read…even if you aren’t an entrepreneur!!!” —Dr. J. Blackmon

“This book goes beyond entrepreneurial advice and touches on our overall well-being. It shows how our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health all play a part in how we show up in business, in relationships, and in the world.” —Jenny Vaughn

“This compilation of words, this transparent sharing of feelings, this gentle yet powerful push…I honestly cannot explain how this book made me feel. I had no idea that this book was written for me.” —Rebecca Lane

“Melissa has a real knack for writing about business, self-growth, personal development, and spirituality. Even though she frequently refers to “woo woo” stuff, it’s written so that it feels like she’s unearthing natural truths for us. The content is easy to digest and apply. I also liked that she used contributors from such varying backgrounds, from her son to other successful entrepreneurs. The book incorporates lessons from everywhere, and it all tied in very smoothly and nicely.” —Rouchelle Fountain

“Melissa’s messages were overwhelmingly therapeutic. Her words and personal experiences, peppered with those of the individuals she collaborated with, were not only timely but so intimately relevant in a way that is truly difficult to put into words.” —Jason Bernardo

Sacred Medicine Integration: A Companion Journal Supporting Ceremonial Medicine Experiences

This journal was created and tested by four individuals who serendipitously met through plant medicine experiences and quickly became family who healed together in ceremony. They collectively chose to collaborate and help others heal more fully through guided integration practices. Two authors are everyday moms and NLP coaches who turned to plant medicine for generational healing. Two authors are emerging leaders in sacred medicine ceremonies who were first-generation-trained directly by tribes in Latin American countries and through their lineage. Three of four authors identify as Indigenous. All believe in the power of sacred medicine and the life-changing revelations that can appear with its intentional use.

The sacred medicine companion journal is intended support ceremonial medicine integration by:

  • Detailing the transformative experiences and presuppositions for each stage of the medicine journey
  • Guiding the inquiry process before, during, and after the ceremony to draw out and distill insights from ceremonial medicine experiences
  • Creating a rhythm, routine, and space to document experiences for future reference, remembrance, and application in daily life
  • Offering space for creative expression and serving as a self-promise for accountability
  • Backing daily actions that further integrate the medicinal insights
  • Providing a ceremonial playlist with vibrational resonance

A single-use journal is available as a free download at bit.ly/IntegrationDownload. In addition, the single-use journal is available to healers, plant medicine practitioners, shamans, and integration mentors who wish to license the content. Our team will collaborate with you to create a branded version of the journal to promote your own ceremonial medicine experiences and integration services. Supply your own cover, or pick from our pre-designed options, or collaboratively create something new. Printed and digital versions of the single-use journal can be used to supplement retreats and ceremonial gatherings. For greater support and client management, we also offer a done-for-you, personalized ecosystem to collect email addresses and communicate with and support individuals throughout their ceremonial medicine experience and integration journey.

Please email melissa@uncorpedinfluence.com for details.

TranscenDANCE: Lessons from Living, Loving, and Dancing

Can you imagine what it would be like to allow the Universe to lead your dance with life? What if every step, misstep, and subtle turn on your journey inspired you to keep dancing, showing up on the dance floor of life, and enjoying each moment—even the challenging ones?

This inspiring memoir and self-help book will help you:

  • Relate dance to complex life stories and themes, including trauma, codependency, self-sabotage, mental health, addictions, and recovery.
  • Revisit and accept childhood wounds, unearth adult stressors, and dance with daily obstacles.
  • Feel and celebrate, rather than ignore or repress, life’s challenges.
  • Embrace dance as a medicine that’s collaborative, communal, and intimate.
  • Integrate what you’ve learned through music, dance, 22 exercises, and diverse playlists with thousands of songs.

“We need this book. It’s an excellent story full of hope and overcoming hardships. TranscenDANCE is a call to connect with ourselves and the outer world through dance. It’s a reminder that the Universe has our back and we have the tools and abilities to live a beautiful life.” — Linda Gordon

“I absolutely love, love, love this book!! There is so much in it that I want to share with my family and friends! It’s so relatable, honest, and fun. Truly a fantastic story of how to rise above your own bullshit and become who you were born to be! All while dancing the night away!” — Sue Thompson

TranscenDANCE speaks to spiritual strength and emotional perseverance. It also speaks to vulnerability and the willingness to live one’s best life, no matter what. Her readiness to try new things and to find joy, despite the pain, is truly inspirational.” — Sean Cardinalli

“This very unique book uses the language of dance to connect the dots to personal growth. When reading this book, I could often see the parallels to my own experiences.  No matter what your preferred style of dancing, it can create joy and increase your self-esteem. Sometimes that first half-step is the hardest; give this book a chance to dance its way into your library.” — Eric Cedeno

Melissa Drake is the author of The Orgasmic Entrepreneur and TranscenDANCE. An entrepreneur, proud single mama, certified life coach, and NLP practitioner who helps individuals and businesses find solutions and go further than they imagined. When middle-age life and an empty nest presented a wake-up call in the form of two concurrent chronic illnesses and a job loss after a 25-year career, she turned to social media and dancing for a reprieve. The results included recovery from a lifetime of depression, a cross-country move from the Midwest to California, full-time entrepreneurship, and a TEDx Talk, “The Dance of Collaboration.”

An intuitive life coach and NLP practitioner with a BA in Business Management, Melissa has helped hundreds of coaches and healers to connect, collaborate, and heal through living their truth, seeking new adventures, writing their stories, and empowering others. As the leader of Ultimate Vida LLC’s publishing venture, Melissa is a compassionate coach and solutions-based resource who supports authors in publishing their books and exploring new income opportunities.

Melissa writes, edits, speaks, and leads workshops helping others expand and realize their dreams. Connect with her at uncorpedinfluence.com.

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