You know what’s better than asking “Why the fuck not?”

Never having to.

When most people encounter the question “Why the fuck not,” it comes from a rebellious place. It’s a bit of a jab and an assertion that we can have, do, or be anything we want—in a world that tells us we can’t.

However, when surrounded with people who are inspired, motivated, and tapped into the limitless potential of this planet (and beyond), “why the fuck not?” isn’t only rhetorical, it’s unnecessary.

Life is a collaborative sport. It takes a village. Surround yourself with people who believe in your limitless potential more than the “reality” of the current situation.

There's Life After Depression and it's Brilliant

Melissa was once a woman who never left her bed.
Today, she lives life like a never-ending dance party.

She’s been through a lot.
And it didn’t break her.
In fact, her past gave her the strength to create a life she enjoys—by design.

Her battles with severe illness, depression, and the pain of losing both parents implanted within a power to overcome any obstacle life could throw her way. At the same time, the experiences only serve to make her story more relatable and remarkable. Really, who hasn’t been through the wringer these days?

During the lowest points in her life, she discovered a new world through Facebook communities. Using social media as a springboard, she cultivated a passion for collaboration that fuels her mission.

She’s always looking to connect people in ways that are not only mutually beneficial, but beneficial to the collective.

Collaborative Speaking
Have a group you want to inspire or educate?

Melissa has stories and experiences to share with your audience. See speaking page for her signature talks. Custom talks available.

Collaborative Consulting
Have a business you want to scale and grow?

Melissa's 25-year experience in marketing, business analysis, and implementation strategies can help you identify and contract with the proper resources to meet your needs.

Collaborative Editing
Want to find your authentic voice?

Melissa's "Red Pen Treatment" will help you learn how to write effectively so you can be published and empower others with your brilliance.

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove

Melissa visualizes a world where people understand the value of and tap into their inherent power to have everything their heart desires—and more. She’s creating a community-driven experience where people are not afraid to reach out to one another for help and collaboration.

Good people help other people. Melissa values collaboration and the creation of new and fruitful relationships. To make this work effectively, she stands for authenticity, integrity, and judgment-free interactions.

In Melissa’s mind, there are no problems, only solutions. She believes nothing should be held back and everyone should GO BIG for what they believe in.

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