Collaborative AF Books

Ready to write and publish a book?

Melissa combined her professional experience moving ideas to implementation with her know-how as a published author and created a 10-step process to create and publish a book from scratch. The process is both an educational tool and a user-friendly template to help move your book from a dream to demand.

While the 10-step guide offers DIY instructions, full-service development options are available as well. Melissa and her publishing team can help you with all stages of creating and publishing your dream book, including story development, ghostwriting, intuitive editing, Amazon self-publishing options, promotions, and public relations.

“It’s a very professional process while also making it a personal experience for each individual…The process of [finishing a book] from page to book is an enormous undertaking, yet Melissa breaks it down nicely into doable steps. “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time.” She shows you how to go from scratch to published.”

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